Shan Grila Paradise

1st September 2009

Shan Grila Paradise is very similar to Atayal Resort, in that it consists of landscaped gardens, several shows, and a small set of rides. The stunt show was just beginning as we arrived, and aside from the first ten minutes it was fairly good, with some impressive high wire acrobatics marred only by a slightly repetitive soundtrack. With the show over, we took two quick laps on the Blizzard (#1432) before heading towards the exit. A dance show was in full swing at this point, but neither of us had any inclination to hang around in what at this point was sweltering heat.

We had planned a return visit to Leofoo Village after this park to ride Screaming Condor, the only remaining coaster credit in Taiwan. Much to our consternation we discovered that it had been open yesterday, but was now closed for its annual maintenance which takes place during the entire month of September. Rather than revisit the park we elected to spend the remainder of our day at Taipei 101.


Shan Grila Paradise

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