Europa Park

5th May 2008

Europa Park may have not have been crowded yesterday but it was bordering on empty this morning. We were able to ride all the major coasters again in the space of two and a half hours without rushing, culminating in a positively awesome front seat ride on Silver Star.

It was very telling to hear Tom comment that he was Europa'd Out; hard as it may be to believe, we'd had our fill of the park in less than two days. Lest anyone be planning a trip based on this trip report, it's important to qualify; we'd finished the park thanks to very short queues all weekend. At the peak time of year there would be no way to finish this park in less than two days.



5th May 2008

Tripsdrill was a late addition to our weekend trip, planned in as a potential option if and only if we found ourselves with too much time in Europa Park. The chief draw for us was of course the brand new wooden coaster, Mammut. One doesn't get the opportunity to ride brand new wooden coasters often, and the prospect of this one was simply too much to resist. We had a bit of fun trying to find the entrance to the car park thanks to a rather overenthusiastic satnav, but in due course we made the required U-turns and arrived, only fifteen minutes later than planned.

MammutMammut (#1155) looks absolutely stunning at first glance, not least thanks to the sunlight reflecting off the freshly varnished wood. The layout appears particularly exciting, with some sharp turns culminating in a mist filled tunnel. Unfortunately, it is these turns that are the rides' downfall. The ride trains are simply incapable of handling them without severe shuffling, and the end result is not good. Seats above the wheels can best be described as uncomfortable, which on a week-old ride is, well, a problem. The park is apparently aware of the issues however and is experimenting with different ways of solving them.

We were able to enjoy five uninterrupted laps on G'sengte Sau thanks to no queue whatsoever, the chief advantage of visiting a park on a Monday in school term. It is hard to believe now that this was the first roller coaster to be built by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides. Interest in their products was limited at first, but has since taken off, with eight coasters scheduled to open this year alone. At any rate, this particular model has stood the test of time, and today it was running noticeably faster than I remembered. Riders should be aware, however, that putting ones hands in the air for the final section will result in your fingers hitting foliage, which hurts. So don't.

Beyond that, we rode both major water rides and the crazy tilting drop tower. The most fun overall however was had on the outdoor fun house attractions, which are clearly not designed for adults but are nevertheless highly enjoyable for them. It was these which were in many ways the highlight of the weekend for me. The only prerequisites for taking part are a certain amount of care and a certain amount of sobriety, though even the latter is possibly optional in a park which sells beer. The children do really have the best things...