UAE Fairs

United Arab Emirates, Travelling

Aviator (Powered)
Technical Park, 2017, Steel
Bruco Mela (Crow) (#2312)
Unknown, 2017, Steel
Bruco Mela (Crow)
Brucomela (Freij) (#1570)
Sartori, 2010, Steel
Brucomela (Freij)
Burucomela (#2320)
DAL, 2017, Steel
Chenille (Crow) (#2006)
Unknown, 2014, Steel
Chenille (Crow)
Crazy Caterpillar (Freij) (#2008)
Unknown, 2014, Steel
Crazy Caterpillar (Freij)
Cyclone (Mellors) (Relocated #374)
Reverchon, 2014, Steel
Cyclone (Mellors)
Dragon Challenge (Murphy) (Relocated #74)
Pinfari, 2014, Steel
Dragon Challenge (Murphy)
Freij's Euro Star (Freij) (#2009)
Pinfari, 2014, Steel
Freij's Euro Star (Freij)
Go-Gator (Gill) (Powered)
Unknown, 2014, Steel
Go-Gator (Gill)
Miami Dolphins (Freij) (#1613)
Fabbri, 2011, Steel
Miami Dolphins (Freij)
Runaway Train (Mellors) (Powered/Reloc)
Interlink, 2014, Steel
Runaway Train (Mellors)
Wild Mouse (Freij) (#1612)
Reverchon, 2011, Steel
Wild Mouse (Freij)

NB: The opening year and country quoted for a travelling coaster is based on when and where I first rode it.