English Fairs

England, Travelling

Current coasters

Alpine Thriller (Manning) (#1989)
Pinfari, 2014, Steel
Alpine Thriller (Manning)
Christmas Coaster (Buwalda) (#1477)
Reverchon, 2009, Steel
Christmas Coaster (Buwalda)
Ice Mountain (Matthews/White) (#677)
Reverchon, 2006, Steel
Ice Mountain (Matthews/White)
Magic Mouse (Mellors) (#374)
Reverchon, 2004, Steel
Magic Mouse (Mellors)
Racing Coaster (Manning) (#2308)
SBF Visa, 2016, Steel
Racing Coaster (Manning)
Santa's Flying Sleigh (Buwalda) (#1476)
DAL, 2009, Steel
Santa's Flying Sleigh (Buwalda)
Toboggan (Miller) (#675)
Chance Rides, 2006, Steel
Toboggan (Miller)
Tsunami (#376)
Pinfari, 2004, Steel
Wild Mouse (Danter) (#375)
Reverchon, 2004, Steel
Wild Mouse (Danter)


Past coasters

Big Apple (Curtis Eddy) (#676)
Unknown, 2006, Steel, Defunct
Big Apple (Curtis Eddy)

NB: The opening year and country quoted for a travelling coaster is based on when and where I first rode it.