Dutch Fairs

Netherlands, Travelling

Current coasters

Big Apple (Ordelman) (#1019)
Pinfari, 2007, Steel
Big Apple (Ordelman)
Bugs & Bees (Hendriks) (#1020)
DAL, 2007, Steel
Bugs & Bees (Hendriks)
Crash Test (Hendriks) (#1944)
Zamperla, 2013, Steel
Crash Test (Hendriks)
Crazy Clown (Buwalda) (#2280)
Unknown, 2016, Steel
Crazy Clown (Buwalda)
Dragon (Moonen) (#1737)
DAL, 2012, Steel
Dragon (Moonen)
Fun4All (van Dam) (#1945)
DAL, 2013, Steel
Fun4All (van Dam)
Grand Canyon (Kroon) (Powered)
CAM Baby Kart, 2006, Steel
Grand Canyon (Kroon)
London City Coaster (Buwalda) (Relocated)
Pinfari, 2012, Steel
London City Coaster (Buwalda)
Magic Mouse (Buwalda) (#1738)
Reverchon, 2012, Steel
Magic Mouse (Buwalda)
Spinning Coaster (Buwalda) (Relocated)
Reverchon, 2013, Steel
Spinning Coaster (Buwalda)
Spinning Coaster XXL (Buwalda) (#2140)
Concept Rides, 2015, Steel
Spinning Coaster XXL (Buwalda)
Super Mouse (de Voer) (#765)
Reverchon, 2006, Steel
Super Mouse (de Voer)


Former coasters

Big Roller Coaster (Buwalda) (#1018)
Pinfari, 2007, Steel, Defunct
Big Roller Coaster (Buwalda)

NB: The opening year and country quoted for a travelling coaster is based on when and where I first rode it.