My Butterfly List

The Sunkid Heege Butterfly is a ride that stretches the definition of roller coaster to breaking point. I've elected to count them on the grounds that they are not obviously different to the Intamin Half Pipe rides, but I'm not going to argue with those who decide not to.

These rides are self-operated, and the vast majority officially require a non-rider to push the start button before they will move. There is, however, a loop-hole which the reader is invited to work out for themselves.



Former coasters

Butterfly (#331)
Skyline Park
1996, Steel
Hvin & Hyl Rutsch (#1012)
1993, Steel
Hvin & Hyl Rutsch
Pendelbahn Flic Flac (#1807)
1996, Steel
Pendelbahn Flic Flac
Schmetterling (#1660)
Lütge Land
1991, Steel